Being a part of Silver Lands Inc. means being part of a team. Every individual adds value at Silver Lands Inc., and interaction between our associates is seen at every level throughout the company. Working together as a team allows us to deliver the highest quality products and services to our clients and establishes the ideal work place for associates.

Silver Lands Inc. continuously promotes a collaborative and team-focused environment. Our staff is made up of a diverse group of individuals that are ambitious and self-driven. Team members work collaboratively to accomplish goals in a fast-paced and energetic setting. Everyone holds a vital role in our business model which makes every position extremely important and well respected. Typically most projects require multiple staff members working together for a common goal.


Our philosophy is to encourage and cultivate both creativity and open communications. We believe the best solutions and most innovative ideas come from every level within an organization, so each member’s ideas are truly embraced. Silver Lands Inc. takes pride in identifying ideal team members that have an entrepreneurial mind that allows them to succeed independently but also thrive collectively. We emphasize success through each team member holding themselves responsible, and ensuring that clients’ needs are being met with honest effort and creative ideas.


“Be Creative, Act Professionally, Enjoy What You Do, Strive For More and Continuously Evolve.”


Silver Lands Inc. encourages and supports continuing education and growth for both current team members and students within the community. In 2014, Silver Lands began the Silver Lands Internship Program which allows students the ability to gain professional experience by offering them the ability to apply their classroom knowledge and skills to in-production projects with actual responsibilities.


Our belief is that providing interns the forum to critically think and problem solve in a collaborative environment promotes engaged learning for both interns and Silver Lands Inc. Our interns will infuse fresh ideas while they learn structured creative design that is predicated on regulations, physics and budget limitations as they work together with our experienced professionals.

At Silver Lands Inc., we are dedicated to our people – providing the tools, training and job opportunities for them to succeed personally and professionally. So, whether you’re just starting out, or are an industry veteran, you can count on Silver Lands Inc. to help you grow a rewarding career as a leader in the service industry.


Here are our available Job Opportunities:


  • Marketing – Human Resource Assistant
  • Account Manager
  • Tree Service Manager
  • Project Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Maintenance Foreman
  • Landscape Foreman
  • Tree Service Climber
  • Irrigation Technician
  • Maintenance Driver/Labor
  • Maintenance Labor
  • Landscape Labor
  • Tree Service Driver/Labor
  • Tree Service Labor
  • Silver Lands Internship Program


If you are interested in joining our team, please e-mail all resumes and applications to or complete the Contact Form.


You can apply below.  Download the application, complete it in its entirety and either fax or email to us.  Our management team will review your application and schedule an interview, based on experience and qualifications.