Silver Lands Inc. is proudly supporting the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event in hopes that a cure will one day be found. We are extremely thankful that we are able to help raise both donations and awareness for an amazing cause. Several people from the Silver Lands family were even able to make it to the event and walk in support of finding a cure to this disease that has impacted so many lives. It is virtually impossible for someone to go through life without having cancer affect their lives in some form. Although the advancement in battling this disease has come so far, there is still much more we need to do. We support those who have survived, those we have lost and everyone that is currently battling. Far too often we view our daily problems as insurmountable and extremely overwhelming. These events and these causes help shine a light on how trivial those problems are when compared to something as devastating as cancer. Hopefully everyone can take a moment out of their busy lives to appreciate the delicateness of life and donate whatever time and resources you have available to help make the world a better place. We at Silver Lands look forward to continuing this fight each and every year until we have the cure, and we hope that many others will join.

Find out how to join the fight by following this link:

Remember, its never too late to help.